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Fraud and online sales... What can you do?

So, you are surfing the classifieds and you find something you've been looking for for a while. You contact the seller via PM, agree to a price and send off the payment with the understanding that the seller will send you a PM with a tracking number the next day.

One day goes by, and another, and you start to get nervous so you send a PM asking what the hold up is.


What can you do?

Well, if you want to protect yourself you have to be proactive. You should ask the seller for personal details (name, address, phone number) before you send a penny, and verify those details online using or a similar service. If you get a phone number that doesn't show up in the directory, call the seller to confirm it is their phone. You owe it to yourself to cover your ass from the get-go.

OK, so a week has gone by and you got nothing, no response at all...

Pick up the phone and call... If you get voicemail, leave a message each time you call. Try to get ahold of the person for a couple days. Remind the person that they have accepted funds for goods sold and are refusing to ship. Send PMs and/or emails. Make notes of when you called and what you said. DO NOT threaten them with anything stronger than referring them to the autorities.

Give them a set date by which you expect to receive confirmation of shipment and inform them of this date and time by email, PM, voicemail, phonecall, whatever.

Remind them that non-delivery of goods or services IS FRAUD

Remind them again, 24 hours before the deadline is up.

Once the deadline is up, report the seller to the RCMP if you do not get a tracking number.

If once the package arrives you find the box is full of rocks, blocks of wood, whatever, then you have been defrauded. Report the seller to the RCMP.

Reporting is simple as there is a website for this purpose

Just surf over to the RECOL.CA website and follow the instructions.

Here are some other online resources:

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