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Originally Posted by Omnivorous View Post
I saw the OP recommend JT thermal goggles for no fog. I hate fog. Its my biggest enemy in this sport. Does anyone know any ballistic glasses or have other goggle recommendations of products that WILL NEVER FOG ONE BIT? Thank you!
At the start of last season our local shop had a set of Skeleton Arms "Fan goggles", these have 2 small fans which on either of the two settings does pull out the humidity from behind the goggle. Downside is the noise, it distracts you from the field and masks little field noise which can be a bad thing..

This year I will be on the search for a light weight safety glass with protective foam that WILL breathe. I am asking too much aswell.

IF I could find a set of these ESS I would be hella tempted.

Let us know what you find!


Does any one have experience with the G&P WOC M4 GBBR? Interested in these but hard to find info on compatability of mags, user issues and reliability.
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