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Ebairsoft: What is going on?

So on Tuesday February 12, 2013, I placed an order of $150 instant-paypal on EBairsoft. I ordered a TMC JPC vest, FMA Multicam ballistic fast helmet, and some random patches. After I placed my order, the status is "Processing". Two weeks later and now its February 27 and its still "processing". I sent out an email on the 26th and was emailed back within 5 hours telling my JPC vest and the patches were shipped. Unfortunately they say the FMA helmet was NOT shipped and that they will as soon as possible. The question is, can I trust this statement? It took them two weeks to just process the bloody order. Will they eventually ship out my helmet? I know EBairsoft has some negative reputation but has anyone experienced this before??

Im assuming that they aren't sending out the helmet because its probably out of stock. I checked the pages and it is out of stock. I need a helmet ASAP so it possible for me to perhaps email them to get it switched to a color that is in stock?

Help me forum. Eb's got some negative comments and I just wont believe all of their emails so blindly. Its a $60 helmet and I don't want it to just never show up.
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