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How to become an ASC Age Verifier:

1) You must be a member in good standings (aka no infractions) for a minimum of 2 years. IF you have been banned good chances you will not get approved.
2) You must be an active player/host and able to attend games/events in your area
3) You must be willing to sometimes travel to a local coffee shop/game/event to do age verifications, although these are up to your discretion and not a requirement that you must be at them all. Ideally you would post on your local forums/boards/FB saying that you are going to be a X place/event for X time and doing age verifications.
4) You MUST meet the person you are verifying in person face to face ONLY, no online/digital verification.
5) You MUST verify that the person you are age verifying is 18+ years of age, and that they are using legit government issued photo ID to prove such.
6) Ability to record the persons real first and last name, Date of Birth and proper spelling of their user name here on ASC (it is recommended you get them to send you a PM on ASC to verify the proper spelling), and report in the Age Verification section.

If you can meet the above requirements, and know all the ASC Rules and Regulations and FAQs then send a PM to both BloodSport & Ricochet with the following details:

1) Your First & Last Name
2) Area you can cover
3) Preferred means of contact (email/ASC PM)
4) Why you feel you would be a good addition to the ASC Age Verification process.
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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