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Sookeanddestroy May 15th, 2022 23:41

Age verification Victoria bc
Hey everyone. Thanks for adding me up.
Looking to get my age verified around Victoria if possible.
Can someone help me out please ??

venture May 16th, 2022 16:22

Too bad no one replied. This site has lost a lot of traffic the last few years.

Try to message some of these people in this thread:

Sookeanddestroy May 19th, 2022 11:01

Yeah daaam that sucks. I mean I can always buy and sell somewhere else , and use this place for information. But I?m still looking. Shit we can FaceTime if that helps.

canadauni May 23rd, 2022 11:54

Most airsoft related stuff on Vancouver Island happens through the victoria fish and game club I don't know if they have anyone active here though.

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