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BloodSport January 31st, 2014 11:18

Age Verification FAQ's - updated 2014 version
Every Thing you need to know is in this FAQ, please read it over several times if you have questions as it takes several times before people get the most common questions we keep getting asked figured out. Before you send a PM make sure you are not asking a question already answered in this post!! As always also ensure you have read the forum rules:


How do I Identify a "local Rep" ?
Local Reps can be found in the SubForums in this section:


I have an issue with the age verifier in my area, whom do I talk to?
You can contact any of our forum Admins, or directly to Drake / BloodSport, and tell whom you've contacted and how, if by email include the email address you used (this can be viewed from your sent mail folder). Please note though all our Age Verifiers are volunteers, their personal lives take priority over verifications so at times you may have to wait for them to respond, or get in touch with a different rep. None of our reps are required to come to you, they will provide you with a location they are willing to meet up at their conveinence you not being able to make that meeting is not their issue. Airsoft Age Verification requires you to get off your computer and travel at times to meet.


Can I get my Parent or Family Member who is over 18 to buy a gun for me?
Yes, but your parent/Family Member is taking responsability for giving you the gun, treat that responsability with respect. The police will come knocking on their door if you get into trouble with it. Please note that a parent/Family Member will not be age verified on ASC unless he/she is an active player themselves.


Can my mom or dad verify for me?
No. How ever if your parents want to get involved in the sport they are welcome to do so. I recommend that they come out to a game and rent a few guns to see if airsoft is what they're into. Airsoft is not a baby sitting service and dumping you at a game for a saturday/sunday isn't what we're about (specially since some of us are trying to get away from the brats for a few hours).


Are all sales sections blocked?
The gun sales sections (AEG, GBB, Accessories) will be blocked. The other sales sections (gear, international) will be open to all users.


Now will that restrict minors from selling their guns or trading??
Yes, minors will have no access to the gun sales sections at all.


What happens if there is a minor who wishes to sell a AEG or GBB?
They will have to do it through an adult who is verified on this forum. The adult will take responsibility for the sale and will be held accountable if goods are not as described.


The only issue is, will minor player be made AWARE that this section is blocked to them, but that it does exist; or are we going to see a whole bunch of FOR SALE/WANTED ads in the General section
The gun sales sections will be visible, but they can only be entered by verified users.


Can I verify with you or a rep over MSN video chat and hold up my ID for you to see?
No. In person verification only. If you can't take the time to spend a few minutes to get verified then maybe airsoft isn't for you. The classifieds are not going to disappear over night and if they did it would be because airsoft was banned. If you don't have time to be verified you don't have time to play. Considering that to get a real steel gun you're looking at a full day of time 5 minutes hardly seems like an imposing task. Do NOT send PM's to verifiers or admins asking them if there is a way around this. This can lead to an infraction for attempting to bypass the age verification system!


Can I scan or fax my ID and send the picture to you?
No. See the previous question.


I have a PAL. Do I have to see a verifier to be verified?
Yes. See the previous 2 questions. How ever you can use it as ID and we won't require that you pay to take a safety course, pay for the verification, do an intense background check on you and have register all your weapons with us. We aren't trying to compete with the Canadian Government, we're just trying to keep toys not meant for minors out of minors hands.


Is this open for debate?


How can I tell if I or some one else is verified?
Under their names is a little tag that says "Age Verified"


I just joined two days ago, can I be a rep to verify people?
No. Seriously we don't know you from adam, why would we have you verifying people? You must have been active with in the community for at least 2 year to verify people, with a good reputation.


I turn 18 next month, can I be verified now?
I'll answer this question with another question. Are you 18 now?


What happens if I lose my Age Verified Status?
You get custom shiney user title that says you're not trustworthy anymore. It will look something like this - Age Verified Status Revoked!! the other one you might end up with will say BANNED. Receiving one of these user titles is not a good thing.

Age Verification Commonly Asked Questions the dumbed down version
Now we keep getting and seeing the same questions being posted all the time about Age Verifications.

If you have not already done so read, and

You should have also read our Forum Rules!

We constantly have members posting the same questions over and over and apparently they do not understand the FAQ's about Age Verification. So here is the dumbed down version.

"I was verified two days ago but I still can not access the sales areas"

Yes as stated in the FAQ's it can take a couple weeks till everything gets processed, all the staff and verifiers are volunteers we have things we like to do away from these forums and do updates when we have free time to do so. Constantly posting asking (under 1 month from actually meeting with an age verifier) only wastes more of our free time to do updates and can lead to infractions for wasting our time.

"I messaged an age verifier but have not received a response"
Have you tried to contact more then just the one age verifier? Most cities have more then one verifier in them now for major cities. Also if you messaged them yesterday/couple of days ago remember they are volunteers and may not have been online or had time to set something up with you yet. Have PATIENCE, try contacting another representative in your town. Yes you might have to drive/walk farther to get verified by one of our UNPAID VOLUNTEER Verifiers who are taking their personal time to meet up with you.

"Why do I have to meet with someone in person, and can not just use a webcam?"
Why? Because shit is easily forged, faked, covered up/changed online. We do our meetings in person because we can ensure you are who is on that little piece of ID, that it is an actual government issued ID. Our verifiers also like to get a feel for those who are asking for verification, as Age Verification is not a right but a bonus here, we can reject age verification requests if we feel like it and even remove them at a later date if we find you have done wrong.

"My Verifier says they have submitted all my information and it has been over a month since they did but I still do not have access"

There is a couple notes for this one: 1) You have age verified tags under your name, therefore you do have access did you even try clicking on the section to get in???? 2) You do not have tags, are you sure you gave the verifier the proper spelling of your ASC user name including Upper and Lower case? The name you gave them must exactly match how you have it spelled to work. 3) We have decided to not grant you verification this could be for several reasons, you have previously lost your verification status and you met up with a different rep to try and get it back. You lied about your age in your profile and it did not match your ID, you have been a douche bag on the forums and we do not want you to gain more access, you showed up met with the age verification rep with your 12 year old brother that knew 100% more about airsoft then you and you gave a very bad vibe to our rep that you were only doing it so your brother could buy guns via your account and we the Senior Admins agreed with their concerns and rejected your verification. Oh By The Way we do keep a master list of names who we have rejected/removed verification from and why so that you can not just meet someone else and get around the system.

"I live in a different country, how do I get verified"
This one is so simple I can not believe it keeps getting asked. 1) Fly/Drive into Canada and meet up with one of our Reps in person. 2) Purchase a plane ticket for me, pay for my food and expenses and I will come to verify you where you are. 3) You are from out of country, therefore by the time you pay for shipping, taxes, duties and such I'm pretty certain that you could save a ton of money buying from a retailer in your own country. Yes we might have some parts/gear/etc that you really want but step 1 and 2 are your only options then at that point. Please stop whining and complaining about it, our house our rules.

I will add more as I think of them or more dumbed down versions are required........

RedsoxDH December 16th, 2014 21:55

Age verification issue
Just wondering if I can get any help. Ive been waiting since October to be age verified. I met with rabbit and still havent had any updates. Can someone else who does the verification look into this for me ?

RainyEyes December 16th, 2014 22:00


Originally Posted by RedsoxDH (Post 1924655)
Just wondering if I can get any help. Ive been waiting since October to be age verified. I met with rabbit and still havent had any updates. Can someone else who does the verification look into this for me ?

4 minutes has passed since you posted this, and it says you're age verified. Welcome to the forums.

BloodSport December 17th, 2014 08:33


Originally Posted by RedsoxDH (Post 1924655)
Just wondering if I can get any help. Ive been waiting since October to be age verified. I met with rabbit and still havent had any updates. Can someone else who does the verification look into this for me ?

Well it says I updated your status and I have not done updates in over a week, so why are you posting saying you do not have access when you have had it for at least 10+ days??

siggypoo December 17th, 2014 08:40

User error - hit any user to continue.
Redsox, log out of ASC, clear your browser, log back in. Just to be sure.

Location: YYZ VOR 062 radial, 17.5 DME FL5280

Jp_vegas February 6th, 2015 22:28

Hello. How do I do age verification? Thanks

redzaku February 6th, 2015 22:37


Originally Posted by Jp_vegas (Post 1932659)
Hello. How do I do age verification? Thanks

read this
do your homework next time

Slodae March 4th, 2015 16:25

Am I age verified and if not could I meet up with some one ? To verify my age. I'm from toronto etobicoke so if any of the admins are around I'd like to meet 1 on 1.

Datawraith March 11th, 2015 11:35

Then if you still have questions or need clarification, you may ask.

zombiesniper March 11th, 2015 11:36

Did you even read the first post?

If no. Beat yourself about the face then go read it.
If yes. Beat yourself about the face then go read it again.

Datawraith beat me to it. lol

Brock250 March 13th, 2015 17:42

Hello, I was verified in person nearly 5 weeks ago and am still awaiting approval. Any idea how long this will take?


nardac March 13th, 2015 18:19


Originally Posted by Brock250 (Post 1938505)
Hello, I was verified in person nearly 5 weeks ago and am still awaiting approval. Any idea how long this will take?


Be patient, this is run by volunteers, it will happen.

RogueCow March 25th, 2015 11:02

Sent out a bunch of pms and never got a reply from any of the windsor verifiers....
Is anyone from the surrounding area coming to Windsor on april 12th for the airsoft game that i can meet up with?

DonkeyLover March 29th, 2015 15:26

Hey Guys. I got Age verified by Ken at 007. Still waiting for my account to be updated and now it seems I cant post in most sections?

redzaku March 29th, 2015 15:36


Originally Posted by DonkeyLover (Post 1940784)
Hey Guys. I got Age verified by Ken at 007. Still waiting for my account to be updated and now it seems I cant post in most sections?

Ok, it is not automatically verification, it takes some time for someone to put it in, please wait at least two weeks upwards to a month

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